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    Runestone Gripsholm “Sö 179”


    Runestone Gripsholm “Sö 179”

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    Runestone Gripsholm “Sö 179”

    The rune stone Gripsholm is one of the rune stones of Serkland and is in style Fp. It is located next to Gripsholm Castle along with another stone of the eleventh century, but its original location is unknown. The stone was discovered in the 1820s by Wallin, the keeper of the castle, and formed the threshold of the eastern tower cellar, the so-called “tower of the theater”. He was under side of the door, and it was covered with tar, which suggests that he had been part of another building before being used for the castle. It would take another 100 years before we recover it and read it in its entirety.
    The version that we present ourselves and reproduced in ceramic plaster. Very nice to see!

    Runestone Gripsholm  Original stone that is located next to Gripsholm Castle

    Tola let ræisa stæin þennsa at sun sinn Harald, broður Ingvars. ÞæiR foru drængila fiarri at gulli ok austarla ærni gafu, dou sunnarla a Særklandi.


    “Tola erected this stone in memory of his son Haraldr, brother Ingvarr. They traveled valiantly far for gold, and to the east gave (food) to the Eagles. (They) died south of Serkland “.
    Note: feed the eagles had a saying Norse it meant to kill many enemies in battle.

    Made of ceramic plaster with hand-painted engravings.

    23cm in height.


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