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    Pen-G The spectral translator Ouija pendulum


    Pen-G The spectral translator Ouija with pendulum

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    The Ouija table is an instrument used since the eighteenth century in the course of seances or practices of contact with entities of different levels.

    This board ouija called Pen-G The spectral translator is a board that was made of cardboard in the distant 1984.
    The P-G folding pen should be one of the most beautiful talking boards with its colorful design and delicate nuances. Originally a pendulum table, it works much better than with a planchette.
    The table was designed for a divination use that for the simple talk with the spirits.

    The classical method consists in asking questions to the entity that interests us by holding the pendulum in hand, so that this moves on the table and composes, using the engraved letters, the answer.

    In this version we use the power of the pendulum, to indicate the letter.

    This table unlike the original 1984 was made with a thin waterproof plastic laminate.
    On the back you will find the original instructions in English to use the table right away.

    The ouija table is complete with a colored resin pendulum.

    Measurements: 30 x 22 x 0.01 cm

    Available only in English


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