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    Mjolnir – Thor’s Hammer


    Mjolnir – Thor’s Hammer

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    MjollnirThor’s Hammer
    wall decoration in ceramic hand-painted plaster, with runic carvings.

    The Mjöllnir also called Thor’s hammer is the weapon of Thor, the god of Thunder and Lightning of Germanic mythology. It is typically represented as a hammer, although originally it was an ax or a club. It is made by the dwarves, or, according to the prosaic Edda of Snorri the thirteenth century, elf Sindri for a dispute with the god Loki who could have created the most wonderful weapon to the gods.
    The hammer of Thor is undoubtedly one of the ancient mythological most popular items today, basically thanks to the Marvel comic Thor and viking band and epic metal. Mjöllnir of reproductions are sold today in jewelry worn by a consumer and varied: scholars, connoisseurs and sympathizers of Norse mythology and the ancient Scandinavian history; lovers of Scandinavian heavy metal music; acolytes of the Nordic neopagan religions (Ásatrú, Irminismo, Wotanism, etc.) from which Thor, the strongest (physically) among the gods, it is the protector of humanity in perpetual conflict with the evil forces of the giants.

    Dimensions: 24cm x 17cm, iron gray.


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