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    The witch’s tools

    Candle holders and incense burning with pentacle and Ouroboros

    gli strumenti pagani








    As in most religions, some objects for ritual uses are also used in Wicca. These instruments invoke the Divinity ‘, remove negativity’, direct energy through touch and intention.

    altare wicca


    The Altar

    The altar is almost always not fixed, but is used and then placed in a particular container, for example a bag or a wooden box. It is essentially a placemat on which we will have our magic tools. The cloth can be placed anywhere, but it would be better on the ground or on a wooden table.



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    The Censer
    The incense burner is used to burn incense. It can be complex, or a simple shell. The censer keeps the incense on, but without flame, in Wiccan rituals. The use of incense in rituals and magic is an art in its own right. You can use sticks, cones or incense in grains, but most Wiccans prefer the latter, the raw incense, the type that must be burned on the self-fueled carbon tablets. In the coils of rising smoke, you can see the Goddess and the God. Sitting and breathing slowly, while watching smoke, can be a way to enter into a trance and you could slip into a state of altered consciousness. A Wiccan ritual, when practiced at home is not complete without incense. For some Wiccan, the censer represents the element of the Air. Obviously for practicality it can also be used incense stick, as long as it is a natural and not chemical incense.

    Il calderone wicca


    The Cauldron
    The cauldron is the tool par excellence of the witch. It is an ancient container used to cook, to boil and to prepare infusions, overflowing with magical traditions and mystery. The cauldron is the place where magical transformations take place, the Holy Grail, the source of life. Wicca sees the cauldron as a symbol of the Goddess, as a manifestation of femininity and creativity. It also symbolizes the element of Water, reincarnation, immortality and inspiration. The cauldron during the spring rites is often filled with water and flowers; during the winter you can light a fire inside, to represent the heat that comes back and the light of the sun (God), which comes out of the cauldron (Goddess).


    la scopa wiccaThe broom
    Witches use brooms both in magic and in rituals. The broom is an object sacred to both the Goddess and the God. A Wiccan can begin a ritual by gently sweeping the area with the magic broom. This sweeping is much more than just physical cleansing. In reality, the bristles of the broom must not even touch the ground. While sweeping, the wiccan displays the broom in the act of cleaning up the environment from all the energy accumulations, which are created where humans live. This makes the area pure and allows a smoother ritual work. Since it is an object of purification, the broom is connected to the element of Water.





    bacchetta wiccaThe Wand
    The wand is one of the most important objects in magic. It is an invocation tool. You can call the Goddess and the God to assist in the ritual, using certain words and a stick outstretched. Other times it is used to direct energy, to draw magic symbols or a circle in the ground, you can aim at the danger, keeping it in perfect balance on the palm of your hand or on an arm or even to mix a potion on the cauldron. According to some Wiccan the wand represents the element of Air and is sacred to the Gods. Traditionally it is made of wood, and not even of any wood, different trees give the rod its predominant properties.

    athame wiccaThe Athame
    The magic knife, or Athame, has an ancient history. It is not used to cut, in Wicca, but to direct the energies that are created during rituals and spells. It is rarely used to invoke or call Gods, since it is an instrument of command and manipulation. The athame is generally not sharpened, double-edged and with a black or otherwise dark handle. Black absorbs energy. Because of the symbolism of the knife, which is an object that causes change, the Athame is commonly linked to the element of Fire, while its phallic nature links it directly to God.


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    The Pentacle
    The pentacle is usually a flat piece of brass, gold, silver, wood, wax or clay, on which certain symbols are engraved. The most common and, of course, the only essential is the pentagram, the five-pointed star that has been used in magic for millennia. The pentacle was borrowed from the ceremonial magic. In this ancient art it was often an instrument of protection or was used to evoke spirits. In the Wicca the pentacle represents the element of the earth and is a comfortable tool on which to support amulets, jewels or other objects, so that they may be ritually consecrated. Sometimes it is also called to invoke Gods and Goddesses.

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    The cup
    The cup is simply a miniature cauldron. It symbolizes the Goddess and fertility and is connected to the Water element. although it can be used to hold water, which is often present in the altar, it can also serve to contain ritual drinks for use in the ritual. The cup can be made of almost any material: silver, brass, gold, terracotta, steatite, alabaster, crystal and other materials.

    sfera di cristallo wiccaThe Crystal Ball
    The crystal ball is an ancient magical instrument. It is incredibly expensive. Crystal has long been used in contemplative divination. The fortune teller fixes the sphere, until its psychic faculties bloom and images, seen in the mind and projected from it into the depths of the crystal, reveal the required information. In Wiccan rituals, the crystal is often placed on the altar to represent the Goddess. Its spherical shape symbolizes the Goddess, as well as all round and round forms in general, while its icy temperature represents the depths of the sea, the kingdom of the Goddess. Periodic exposure to the light of the Moon will increase its ability to release our psychic powers. It could be the center of a full moon ritual.


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    The Book of Shadows
    The Book of Shadows is the manual of the Witch, which contains invocations, rituals, spells, poems, rules that govern magic, and so on. Some Shadow Books are handed down by a Wiccan and another. To create your Book of Shadows, start with any book with blank pages. If you can not find a white bound book, any striped notebook will be fine. All you have to do is write down all the rituals, spells, invocations and magical information you have composed or found elsewhere and want to keep.

    bolline wicca


    The Bolline or Sword
    The knife with a white handle is nothing but a practical work knife, as opposed to a purely ritual knife. It is used to cut chopsticks or sacred herbs, to write symbols on candles or in wood, in clay or in wax and to cut cords for magical use. He usually has a white handle to distinguish him from the Athame. Some Wiccan traditions require the Bolline to be used only within the Magic Circle. This certainly limits its usefulness; use it only for ritual reasons, how to collect flowers from the garden to place them on the altar during rituals, confirms the sacredness of the object and at the same time allows it to be used outside the sacred space.



    campana wiccaThe bell
    The bell is a very ancient ritual instrument. A bell that sounds releases vibrations that have powerful effects, depending on the volume, tone and material in which it is made. The bell is a feminine symbol and therefore is often used to invoke the Goddess during rituals. It is also played to drive away evil spells and spirits, to stop storms and to evoke beneficial energies. The bells are sometimes played in a ritual to scan the various sections and to mark the beginning or end of a spell. you can use any type of bell.

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